Thursday, May 22, 2008


Priest Draw season has arrived at last and so have all those wonderful projects. I first tried the Receptionist in 2005. It was so far out of my league at the time bit it didn't stop me from trying. I would climb my way down the Draw completing area classics like Anorexic, Floor Pie, and Carnivore on a daily basis hoping that one day I'd just be able to walk down to the very end of the Draw to the Mars Roof and send.
The Receptionist is 12 moves on a completely horizontal roof. There is no letting up until the very end. It's more like a route than a boulder problem, thankfully no clipping though.
I thought I was so strong back then but I realize it is only now, after the birth of my daughter Ava that I have the strength and conviction to finish this thing!!!
I'm closer than anyone can get to sending....stay tuned!

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  1. Love the top out at Bishop! Just found you on Team Mad Rock - The things you don't tell your Dad!!
    Love Ya


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