Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Escape Artists

Now, here's a little story I'd like to tell about escaping the winter....

Moe's Valley, St. George, UT

Everyone found a way to show some skin to the sun gods.

The pants had to go back on eventually...

 Jeff topping out Israil with a grin.
Then the sun went down and we hiked up to Escape Artist v13. Thankfully Jeff brought lights and Blake knew how to set them up :)

 Jeff on Escape Artist (v13)

 Jeff and Blake...why don't I have any photos of Land???

 My attempts on Escape Artist were futile as I tried super high feet and attempted campusing which doesn't really work. After Moe's Valley, we headed to Vegas where I had only climbed at the Kraft boulders one time.
 Here we are at Seek and Destroy (v10). The start is this dangle above an imminent carnage drop. But with this guy spotting you have unlimited courage.

Blake Hendrix making a perfect catch as Diana Jensen floats down.

Me doing the moves through to the crux of Seek and Destroy

 It almost looks like Blake is giving me a hug.
Matt Irving almost sending Seek and Destroy

Vegas is a trippy place. 

Third day on was full of shananagans. We must have spent an two hours on or in this boulder.

Jeff, Matt, and Diana
Diana opting to climb Jeff

Matt was supposed to be taking a photo of me with my camera. When I looked at it later, there were about 40 of these:

Jeff, Blake looking at me going "she has no idea what's happening here.", Diana, Matt, Land
My failed flip flop off-width ascent.

Three stack?

Silly guy.

I wanted to give this cactus a hug so bad. It completely made my day. It was almost the size of me. I love nature. There was a lot more trying than doing on this three day whirlwind trip. I also tried Lindner Roof, Americana Exotica, Scare Tactics and bunch of other things I don't know the name of. I'm looking forward to going back to Vegas. There is a lot to climb there!

Monday, May 27, 2013

We came to Rock

I had such a great time on this trip to Bishop, I can't even express it in words. It was a short trip and I was able to take advantage of every available second to climb as much as I could. The first day was a bit slow for me. I was still in the grad school exam mode and it was hard for me to wrap my mind around having the sole responsibility to have FUN! By the end of the day I was well in the zone an the climbing felt great. The peeps were the best. I'll just let the images tell the story.
I'm going to start an album of Jeff eating fried chicken on a stick. The drive to Bishop was a breeze.

Tyler working Xavier's Roof, v11

This is how one is supposed to spend a rest day.

This is how I spent my rest day. Too amped to stop.

Tyler looking Zen but really his tips were on FIRE from Gastonia, v8 in Dale's Camp.

My other album will be, "Men in trees". I have to say, tree down climbs are my favorite kind. This is Jeff after he flashed Boy Named Sue (he flashed pretty much everything...see video below).


Jill and Iris. An unstoppable pair of chicas.

Bishop: 5 Days, 4 Areas from Carrie Cooper on Vimeo.

Fair Game from Carrie Cooper on Vimeo.

Har Har
Will knock you on your ass.

Party people. You know who you are. This is like the surveillance tape at a gas station robbery.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Stoke for the coming: A poetic warming

As the snow thaws from the sidewalks and roof tops and Christmas trees resurrect like Zombies from their snowplow tomb, I sigh. My eyes blinded by this strange orange ball in the sky. I sigh. Strength in my hands, an injury healed. The light on the other end of the indoor climbing tunnel becomes brighter and brighter and my insides want to leap out and be velcro-ed to the bronze colored rock in my dreams, I sigh. The end of winter is nigh.

Here's some stoke for the coming.


Footnote: This can also be viewed with better quality at The Girl From Ipanema