Friday, December 31, 2010

Climbing pregnant: Weak 33

Well this one is a short post cause I'm WEAK!
I made the mistake of not climbing for the last two weeks and now I'm all outta pregnancy climbing shape! Suck. I tried to climb a couple days ago and only did four routes (all 5.9). And they felt sooooooo hard. But I wasn't sore at all! Which means that its my endurance that took the dive. That time I took off because of the holiday's eating obligations made me stiff. I've had more hip and back pain than usual. Plus more swelling. YAY!
I went climbing and did those few routes and my body was tired yes but it was like it gave this giant sigh and said thank you. Climbing stretches the old tissues. Phew. I feel better.
I shall now refer to weeks 32 and 33 as WEAKs.
It is 7 degrees outside today with the sun shining. brrrrrrrrr
I really want to go sledding and or skiing. But I generally don't do either of those activities very safely in the first place. This coming week I'm going to work really hard to not hibernate too much and get those juices flowing!!!!
We'll see how it all goes down.


  1. I know this is one of your older posts... I just found you looking for pregnant climbing harnesses. I am having my first baby and up until I saw your blog, I thought I needed to say goodbye to climbing over the next few months! You inspired me. Thank you thank you!
    Did you like the Petzl Full Body Harness?

  2. Congratulations! No way do you have to say no to climbing. So, the PETZL one got the job done. It wasn't awesome as I got bigger (rubbing the belly during lowering). There are no pregnancy specific harnesses. A couple others to check out are by singing rock and liberty mountain.
    I hope this helps and good luck!


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