Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Lovely Little Cottonwood Day

A short day at the secret garden area was fun and fruitful. Twisted is the area classic. Highly recommended. I fell of the very last move 4 times before I could hoist my body high enough to grab the JUG. Kelly showed me the moves :)

Twisted v4
Wren Delligatti (Kelly's daughter) learns to spot. It's a great way to get an 18 month old involved and keep her out of harms way. She stood about 5 feet behind me and we prompted her by saying, "Help me spot." and she would throw her arms up in the air and stand attentively while her mama or I climbed.
We had three kids with us and this area kept them enclosed and happy. There are "tunnels" in between the rocks and LOTS of inch worms to put in an inch worm zoo.

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  1. Carrie - You're AMAZING!!!
    <3 Halley


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