Saturday, January 28, 2012

Triassic, UT


Triassic is pretty close to Joe's valley. We had heard that you could climb there when it was snowing everywhere else. The drive down the snow covered dirt roads was unsettling given that we had driven 2.5 hours from Salt Lake for a day trip that may turn out to be a driving trip only. However, we were pleasantly surprised to find that the rocks provided a warm sunny spot to melt away the cold January Saturday.

The best looking problems in Triassic are tall and the top outs stand on their own. So be prepared. It's totally worth it.
Hannah Von atop the Sweet Boulder
(She brought Ava a giant pommelo as a gift this morning and presented it to her remarking, "I found a dinosaur egg!" Ava was delighted as she is somewhat of a dinosaur expert :)

Crazy Boulder

Me on Dynosaur

Dain Smaland

Another day stolen from the icy grip of winter.

Rock layers

Best problem of the day. I have no idea what it's called but it's on the Rum Boulder. Sit starts at the base of the left arete then follows up the prow. Mantel move to the jug in the middle of the face, then slab to the top. Brilliant. If it doesn't have a name, we shall call it, "Indian Paintings." After the only soul we saw out there stumbled upon us and announced he was "just walk'in ta see some Indian Paintings." classic. ps there are lots of petroglyphs (apparently. I think they were covered in snow) and Triassic is on the way to a dinosaur quarry. I am absolutely bringing Ava next time, though it is closed in the winter.

Indian Paintings :)

Hannah and I geeking out over cool hand holds and rock formations

Get Some Two Fingers
The top was covered in snow so we will just have to come back again for this one and many others. And maybe we'll get to see some indian paintings!



  1. Carrie, definately take Ava to the Quarry! I took Kyle there when was 5 or 6 and he was on a Dinosaur kick for years later. We used to poke around out between Factory Butte and Hanksville looking for Dino bones. Gotten down the the Horn yet?

    OMG Triassic was choss, but better than the Gym. Never got shut down by mid-winter Ibex either, although it was wicked cold and windy sometimes.

  2. I must be getting used to choss cause I barely even noticed the rock wasn't bullet. Makes me use my feet more. I like this technique thing. Thanks Bob!

  3. Hello Carrie!
    Nice blog, especially the vid about 23.5 hours and, of course, your spot on 39 weeks! Happy Birthday!!


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