Sunday, July 1, 2012

Bad blogger. Go sit in the corner

I have been going borderline insane with work lately. Admittedly, I have been a bad blogger. For the last month my husband and two kids and I have been in Flagstaff AZ. My husband owns Bright Angel Bicycles which is the bike rental and guiding business located at the visitors center at the south rim of Grand Canyon National Park. The past two years they have been operating out of an outhouse sized kiosk with 75 bikes. This year they were concessioned, a building was built, and they now employ 27 hard working souls. Needless to say he is busy. I have been doing my acute therapy internship at the hospital here and am working 40 + hours a week plus research. Did I mention we have two children? So this is my excuse...I will be better in three weeks. Promise!

Here's a little recap of the past month:
I am officially back in shape. I've been rushing out in the evening or doing early morning weekend visits to various areas here in Flag. I try to hit up Buffalo park if I get out of work in time cause of it's proximity to the hospital. I basically climb anything I can get my hands on!
Yesterday I was still feverish from a virus I've been fighting for the last week but it wasn't enough to stop me from getting a little fresh air with some friends who were in town from New Mexico. Brandi Proffitt send The Receptionist making her the fourth woman to do it by my count. GO BRANDI!!! And also for the record, she's 5'2" making her the second shortest...
I was able to eek out a send of The Girl and attempted the long finish but the sick had my lungs in a vise. I'll be back for you! It's the first v10 I've done since being pregnant with Sebastian.

It feels so great, working back up from null. I remember trying to climb v2 in LCC last summer and having to work it. This was a year ago! Thinking back on all the challenges other than loss of sleep and starting a new grad program and moving cities. I had to fight those mental demons telling me that it's too far of a trip to go from v1-v10. It's a huge trip! Along the way I've had some amazing people giving me the extra boost I needed to keep my spirits focused. You know who you are: 8 am in LCC, babysitting so I could go climb, the extra "You can do this." when I said I couldn't. I just want to give you all big hugs right now and say thank you. I love rock climbing. It's up there with being a mom. It's up there with being a wife. I would be so intolerable if my husband had to put up with me without rock climbing in the picture. The B word comes to mind. What meter for ambition and passion would my children have if I didn't climb? Right I'm getting my doctorate in PT but I could do that sitting on the couch watching tv too. People get their doctorates all the time: out of shape, unsatisfied...I am passionate about climbing, about Physical Therapy, about health. For me it's the whole picture and if any one part is missing, the pieces don't fit.


  1. Excellent post, I feel the same way about climbing. We CAN do it all! I just did my first 5.12 in years since completing residency and having a major illness (check out my blog, started from zero as well! Miss seeing you @ the Front and in SLC. Good luck w/ your doctorate program! Hope to see you out on the rock somewhere/sometime!

  2. I am starting my 3 year masters program on September 5th, after a summer full of climbing. And I have to say--though that summer was fun--I'm truly looking forward to that dedicated pursuit of multiple passions.

    Congratulations on your hard work paying off. You continue to inspire the rest of us!


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