Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Castle Rocks, ID

Castle Rocks Idaho
A desolate garden of rock that contradicts itself within its own boundaries. Far from any metropolis, the rules that govern this park vary in such strange ways one can only suspect a vindictive origin. A for-a-fee playground is fenced off to vehicles, sort of. Park and walk down the dirt road which is a light jaunt to the rocks.
Passing along beside a raw fenced with the bark still clinging to the trees. This is the climbing boundary and beyond it only ATVs and Mountain biking allowed. Herein lies the contradiction. For more info check out this article from Rock and Ice.

It was incredible to arrive at the rocks within what seemed like throwing distance from breathing the toxic air from the salt lake valley. 2.5 hours from SLC and the pollution was just out of reach! Ahh, lots of deep breaths.
There is nothing like walking to the crag in full winter wear then sitting by the rocks and feeling their solarium effect.
Ok, fine...I guess we'll climb.
Joe Meiners led the train in the taco cave.
Here is me doing Jared's v8, movie includes dance party follow-up captured by Jeff Richards.
Ronnie Jenkins completed Smell of Africa v11 first go after doing Out of Africa v10. If you've never been to the area, here is the guide!!
Courtesy of Mike McClure

Jared's Roof Photo by Jeremiah Watt

Next it was on to the green wall where the temps drop to freeze your toosh off temps. Or maybe loose a finger temps it's a toss up.
On the boulder just behind this one are two incredible lines. The one on the left side is called heart and cock and balls and Ronnie Jenkins made that one look like fun to climb as well!!
As for me, I had properly cooled down by this point and with frozed mitts came off the very top of pissy pants, twice!!! I'm going back for this wall next time.
Photo by Jeremiah Watt

totally frozen we headed home at dusk. Thankfully, Millies Diner was open on a Sunday. They made homemade shakes the size of your head, bacon cooked to order, there's an arcade...A little slice of Americana.
Yep, they have pie too.
Boys will be boys. Ken Etzel, Ronnie Jenkins, and Jeremiah doing what they do.


  1. is that still shot on jared's roof of the first move of the sit start? follow up question, how'd that method pan out ;-)? x0-ann

  2. It is! I felt it might work but felt very hard. I could pull up but still short 8 inches or so. Only tried a few times...


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