Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Film Geeks

I began my love affair with film and photography in high school. I studied dance at the North Carolina School of the Arts where I hung out with such film geeks as David Gordon Green (George Washington, Pineapple Express) and Danny McBride (Hot Rod, Pineapple Express), who at the time was behind the camera mostly not in front of it. I married my favorite photographer Kyle George and have begun to dabble in climbing film making. I'm a complete amateur but I have a vast choreographic background and I hope that translates to film! I hope one day I can reunite with my old classmates to congratulate them on their successes and to get to work with Peter Mortimer of Sender Films who completely upped the anti in climbing film making.

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  1. Coop-inator...
    WOW- Carrie Cooper BLOGS!!
    Both you and Kyle are very talented artists and I am sure that what you produce will be awesome!
    Thank you for sharing your blog- great to see that you have one up and running! Keep up all your great work on the videos- I really dig your creativity and look forward to seeing more! Go get it!

    Have the best day ever!


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