Thursday, September 15, 2011

Days of Summer

Well, I've tried many times to do a summer post. Believe me I have. But every time I entered the office I felt that I would suffocate from heat stroke. Salt Lake in the summer is oppressively hot and I've heard that this summer was "quite mild". (blurgh) I almost burned myself putting my lap top on my lap last time I tried to write a post. These are my excuses and I'm sticking to them.
It is the first day of Fall and what a glorious change it has been. I feel relieved and almost post traumatically reminiscent of summer.
So here are some highlights:

Rock Mama Posse! I feel so lucky to have found the Rock Moms of SLC.


Rosie and Mike

Controlled Chaos

I top roped the entire time. Unable to summon the lost courage to send 5.12 on the sharp end. It wasn't until John Sherman came to visit and imparted some hard man wisdom upon me. But before I relay it to you...the beach trip:

45 minutes outside of Vegas we had a blowout. 70 mph, I looked up from the passengers seat just in time to see our tire rolling off the side of the interstate. We were lucky and Volvo XC's are just as safe as they say.

San Clemente

Sebastian got his toes wet in the ocean waves for the first time. He loved it! He would just stomp and stare at the water as it rushed up toward him.

A level playing field: Goal by Ava with a strong assist by Luna and Ansel.


Kyle and Bash

I had a whole two week break between semesters so we spent most of it driving :)
Upon returning to SLC we repacked the car and headed to Lander, WY with the Perozi's and Kris Dockstader and Noah Bigwood and their son Benjamin. Talk about some hard rock crushing family people...

Lander City Park. Not a bad place to camp.


Wild Iris: A pregnant and still crushing Cheryl.

I had a hard time keeping up. But those words of John Sherman's kept ringing in my ears. I made the mistake of telling him that I had been "taking" on sport climbs. Boy was that the wrong thing to say, let alone do. So hear it here people.

"Take. I don't know what that means." the Verm exploded. "We never took in the old days. We didn't trust our gear enough to do that."
"So what if the route was at your end range? What if you couldn't make it to the top?" I asked
"We made it to the top no matter what." He said with a tone of arrogance. (Such that any well versed OLD school climber is entitled to.)
"We would down climb, rest, shake it out. And continue up. That's how you get strong."
So this is the mantra I had in my head as we embarked upon Wild Iris.
"Take? What does that even mean?"

I embodied this to the best of my ability and surprised myself. I also backed off of a couple routes that were above my ability but I learned. I also led and fell and cleaned my first 12 since having Sebastian. It was rejuvinating. It scared me and I would totally do it again!

"Take? No way."

Ava sent her own boulder problem and then jumped off the summit. Ala Steph Davis...but not high and without a parachute...

So here's to the end of summer. Thank God. Now lets go bouldering.

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