Thursday, October 13, 2011

Joe's Valley

When Kyle told me I should go on a climbing trip for a few days in order to night wean Sebastian, my first instinct was to run before he changed his mind. I am amazed with my husband's strong manlyness as well as his caring and sweet fatherlyness. He truly is the best man I've ever met. So, here is a taste of mama CC's first solo trip post babe. I'm not going to say it wasn't hard to leave. I saw a little baby on day two and started crying. I had to walk away and numb the pain on a heinously crimpy rock climb called "Hooters". And I'm not making up the name to fit my story either.

Lewis the dog and I set off in the morning to meet some of my PT school classmates in Joe's. We arrived a bit late, missed the warm up session and went straight to Planet of the Apes (v6).

Scott on Planet of The Apes

I need to get stronger to do this rock climb. I can't use the same holds everyone else does and I end up just sticking to some crimps next to the rail. It's not easy but it's a really cool climb. Even with my beta :)

We strolled up to Will's a fire and were met with a scene of people an pads. No fear here that's for sure!

Halley, Matt, Scott

Me doing my favorite move on Will's a Fire (v6).
Photo by Matthew Paul Irving taken with my camera.

He also took a photo of a disgusting toe that I will not be sharing with you. You can thank me when you see me. I did not send Will's, sadly. The top crimp kept moving further and further away from me. Sneaky crimp. We ended the day on Kill by Numbers. A nice little v5 roof with an awkward mantle finish. Just ask anyone there, I made that mantle look like a ballet. (read much sarcasm in that statement)

Photo by Matthew Paul Irving

There is a pizza joint in Castledale aptly named, "PIZZA" and this is what they sell. I highly recommend this place though sadly, there is no beer available. It is rumored that 4 guys finished one of these in 30 minutes. Just putting it out there.

Day two was full of high ball rock climbing. The agenda that morning was to go do Dirty Hairy and Frosted Flakes. I had neither seen nor heard much about either problem. With a leisurely start that entailed eggy goodness with green onion meatball crumbles, chopped veggies, basil, and parmesaen burritos. yum. breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We set off towards the Hulk area.
The UMWA and The Small one provided a 15 problem warm-up circuit that more than prepared us to crush. We walked up to Dirty Hairy amidst chatter about people flying off the top towards near death and being caught pretty much in the trees. I was paralyzed with fear. I walked up to it and announced that I would not be doing this boulder problem then commenced to analyzing the moves and holds and being increasingly full of nerves. The thing is, it's not really that hard. The moves at the bottom are techy and they get you up the boulder in fast time so before you know it you are pretty exposed for the crux which is the top out. Mike Pirozzi sensed the stagnation of psych and displayed ease on the lower moves. After a moment of contemplation I had a rouse of inspiration and proclaimed that I would, "Take this problem as my own." I watched Halley top it out and new it would be a stretch. Even though I didn't grab the side pull pocket well I was still able to have enough tough and spirit to engage the hold, realize the exposure and rally towards the top. HALLEY-luyah! Phew. Glad that's done. Glad I did it. Done. Now towards the Dairy where the problems are slopey and completely different!

Halley searching for the holds on a problem in the dairy.

Moon rise over our campsite.

Third day on and I was pretty much spent. I barely made it off the pad and seriously considered diving into this beautiful but icy cold stream.

Mike the rock climber.

Mike the angler.

Matt Pincus the crusher.

Will's a Fire will be mine. I would also like to try Big Joe, Big Boy, and complete my slopey proj in the dairy which is named something like Basher the buncher or Beshman or something. I call it "The confident Liar" and I am now a self proclaimed consultant for FA names. I have a whole list if anyone's interested.


  1. Yea for night weaning! I'm so proud of you...and Kyle. What a brave man!-Jilly

  2. That pizza looks epic! And I need to make a hat just like the one you are wearing there . . . :)

  3. Or you could just get the hat from :)


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