Monday, May 27, 2013

We came to Rock

I had such a great time on this trip to Bishop, I can't even express it in words. It was a short trip and I was able to take advantage of every available second to climb as much as I could. The first day was a bit slow for me. I was still in the grad school exam mode and it was hard for me to wrap my mind around having the sole responsibility to have FUN! By the end of the day I was well in the zone an the climbing felt great. The peeps were the best. I'll just let the images tell the story.
I'm going to start an album of Jeff eating fried chicken on a stick. The drive to Bishop was a breeze.

Tyler working Xavier's Roof, v11

This is how one is supposed to spend a rest day.

This is how I spent my rest day. Too amped to stop.

Tyler looking Zen but really his tips were on FIRE from Gastonia, v8 in Dale's Camp.

My other album will be, "Men in trees". I have to say, tree down climbs are my favorite kind. This is Jeff after he flashed Boy Named Sue (he flashed pretty much everything...see video below).


Jill and Iris. An unstoppable pair of chicas.

Bishop: 5 Days, 4 Areas from Carrie Cooper on Vimeo.

Fair Game from Carrie Cooper on Vimeo.

Har Har
Will knock you on your ass.

Party people. You know who you are. This is like the surveillance tape at a gas station robbery.

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