Thursday, February 21, 2013

Stoke for the coming: A poetic warming

As the snow thaws from the sidewalks and roof tops and Christmas trees resurrect like Zombies from their snowplow tomb, I sigh. My eyes blinded by this strange orange ball in the sky. I sigh. Strength in my hands, an injury healed. The light on the other end of the indoor climbing tunnel becomes brighter and brighter and my insides want to leap out and be velcro-ed to the bronze colored rock in my dreams, I sigh. The end of winter is nigh.

Here's some stoke for the coming.


Footnote: This can also be viewed with better quality at The Girl From Ipanema


  1. Carrie, I found your blog googling pregnant rock climbing. Very inspiring to see you climb until 39 weeks!

    I am 26 weeks now. Just bought the Petzl 8003 harness, which I think is the one you use. However the sides add a lot of tension to my belly when belaying or getting lowered. Any tips there? How can I adjust it so that it's not straggling my unborn baby?

  2. Eileen,
    Thanks for checking out the blog! Your comment about the PETZL harness is a classic and common one. Honestly, there are few ways around it. You can pad the straps with something like a seat belt padder or just fabric. You can hang back on it and put your thumbs through and press out while lowering (not fun for the thumbs). As you can tell, no good fixes. Mountain Mama, myself, and Mad Rock have been working on a pregnancy specific harness but the public use date is unknown at this time.
    My best advice is to sit back in the harness and pad it with your thumbs. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

    Enjoy your pregnancy!


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