Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ahhh Climbing is soooo good.

So I wrote this boo hoo post last time. Sorry to get all whiny and emotional. I felt really STUCK!!
But then, the universe aligned and Kyle came home from the canyon because of sideways blowing snow and said he needed some quality time with Ava and sent me out for a day of climbing.
Lisa the Lisa showed up at my house at 2:30. I was napping, the wind was howling and I was cold cold cold. But I pulled myself together, slid into her third world rig and she and I along with Tony Chang, EMA, and Andy Klier set upon the anvil boulders to climb more than two moves.
It was completely gorgeous. Sun was shining, green everywhere, and the desert was in bloom. Amazing that only a half hour drive can send you into an opposite land, Mars you could say.
Lisa the Lisa is strong. I love her. She and I were feeding off each other, she would send, I would try, she would send, I would try. It was awesome. OH and the boys would try too. It was a relaxed posse in a beautiful place. What more could I ask for. I was actually out climbing!
Around 6pm the sun started to duck behind the hills and the chill set in. We rolled up to Mars Attacks, our last climb of the day. Mars Attacks has thwarted me for years. I don't know if its my lack of going back to it and trying often. But I try it at least once a year. I may have gone a few seasons without trying it but most importantly, I've never been able to do the first move. I'd never tried the heinous top out either because, if you can't the first move you can't do the problem.
Photo by Kyle George copyright 2006
I'm about 3 months pregnant in this photo. Still trying the first move!!!

Well, turns out I should have scoped the top out.
Cause I sent it first try yesterday. But I'm not going to say it was pretty. I had no idea where I was going at the top and I'm pretty sure I was talking to myself. But whatever. I did it! Haha.
What a gift at the top above the trees: The sun setting and a desert cactus blooming.
In the last light of the day, my birthday sister Lisa the Lisa sent it too. Girl Power. Meow.

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  1. Hey Carrie,

    Thanks again for showing me around the other day. I had a great time.

    Here is a link to my blog:

    I posted a picture of a lizard for your daughter. I thought she might like it.

    Thanks again,

    Max Moore


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