Saturday, May 1, 2010

April showers bring May snow

I'd like to just go ahead and give mother nature a little heads up: It's May 1. It should not still be snowing. Here in Flagtown we had a beautiful week, spring was in the air, folks came into town for climbing, and then all of a sudden I was turning the heat back up and shivering in my socks.
So, Jill, and Ava and I went to Grand Canyon to check out what my huz Kyle and his business partner Wes Neal have been up to...nothing short of revolutionary.
Bright Angel Bicycles.
It's the first bike rental concession in the Grand Canyon,
but there is more that is special, it caters to a wide population of sight see-ers. Because they don't rent out mountain bikes (you can't bike into the canyon anyway) they have a different user base than the usual outfitter. They rent cruisers: flag-spirit 100%. (Flaggots like to ride single speeds at high high speed on sh*tty terrain

This new business is sort of welcoming the Grand Canyon to the world of Eco-friendly transportation. The very nice rim trail can be easily followed on a cruiser by way of the shuttle- bus-only Hermit Road.

I took this photo while flying downhill and trying to balance my camera on my helmet. During the ride up, Jill and I got into a debate of whether greater mass actually makes a person faster on a downhill cruiser ride. We set physics aside to answer this question through trial and error. I was the leader every time by about a bike length and it turned out that Jill (5 months pregnant) is still 2 pounds lighter than I!!!! She's a machine. We rode up and down hills for 16 miles and she was right next to me (almost) the entire time!

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