Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The rundown

The school year has ended and a new schedule begins. For the past few years I've been taking pre-requisite courses for physical therapy school. I've had to take Anatomy and Physiology (which I took online), two semesters of Chemistry, and last but certainly not the least, two semesters of Physics. I absolutely loved the Physics. I was always really intimidated by Physics because my math skills were never very concrete. But being that I am an older student and much more focused towards my end goal, I found it to be an absolute joy. You can ask my friend Justin Wood, who helped me out on more than one occasion with understanding the math, that I had to work really hard to gain the necessary tools to be successful in the subject. Maybe it was the gigantic hurdle I had to leap over, or the idea that energy cannot be created or destroyed, or perhaps the teacher; whatever the reason, I grew as a person from having to take Physics. Weird I know. But if you have a goal that seems unattainable and you have to work (with others and with yourself) to figure out and achieve, I think you can do nothing but be changed. I had to believe in myself.
The class was Mondays and Wed. from 6-8:30pm. I often had to find a baby sitter for Ava (thank you granny liz and grandpa ed). I also taught Pilates during the day at the same institution and so received a tuition waiver (score!). But now that its summer (supposedly), the schedule has changed.
I'm now working as a physical therapy tech 15 hours a week while Ava is at Montessori. Kyle has been working in the canyon with his new business Bright Angel Bicycles so our lives are a bit scattered.
I can't just split whenever I want to go climb in areas you have to scramble to or places that are on a precipice. I can't afford to buy a gym membership ($70 per month) because we just started a business and invested all our savings. That money goes to activities for Ava anyway. Money aside, we live in an amazing place to climb with loads of areas that are kid friendly. But on a day like today when the wind is gusting so quickly that they had to close in interstate, whats a mama to do?
I have been adjusting the past week and a half so I've only climbed 2 days and I'm feeling very very antsy. My day that I have to climb on is the windiest day all year and I feel really frustrated!
I know this will pass as all things do, and I will adjust to my new schedule but right now I just want something to save me!!!!!!!

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