Wednesday, May 26, 2010

knowing when

Photo by Travis Vincent
I'm sure it's no secret that I love roofs. Sounds so strange if that sentence were read out of context. But I fear I may be tiring of them. I have been trying another Mars roof epic called "Supplexing Navajos" after hearing rave reviews from many who say it is by far their favorite on the roof. I now have my own opinion on the matter and it is of a contradicting nature. I find the climb to lack flow, have tweaky holds and I'm over it. I've done all the moves, I've done the climb in three parts, so I know that I can do it but, "Do I want to?" The answer is NO. I've moved on. I've decided that while I'm working the climb I've always REALLY wanted to do, maybe I'll give it a go or two for stamina and if I send it I send it, if I don't, no loss.
Is knowing when to stop a step toward enlightenment? Is greatness about knowing when to use it?
I've been thinking about training. Now, I don't mean going to the gym and pulling and not climbing outside. I might do a little of that here and there but when I say training I mean eating well, knowing when and how to peak your performance. Does anyone out there specialize in this kind of knowledge? If so, impart some on me!

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